With a generational shift in lifestyle and a regular choice for style-led interiors, manufacturers are creating pieces to cater to those needs without any compromise on the cultured. Looking on the upward push of flat-percent fixtures from larger outlets over the previous couple of decades, feature has often taken priority over the appearance or exceptional of a bit. Now, with a fresh technique, form, characteristic and splendor have been blended to produce eye-catching effects. The connotation of negative fine substances and a loss of durability in flat-p.C. Designs can now be forgotten.

At Milan Design Week in April, as a part of the Alcova set up, Lausanne-based design studio Panter & Tourron, launched their TENSE collection, which consists of five transportable and device-unfastened portions connected by way of the natural pressure of tension. Founders, Stefano Panterotto and Alexis Tourron, like to mission the overlap among social alternate, design and generation, maintaining a eager eye at the future. After operating on a selection of initiatives with customers which includes Airbnb, they realised purchasers are actually extra globally cellular and changing their way of life conduct to in shape. Thanks to far flung running and a well-related society, enjoyable the choice to travel, whilst nevertheless earning an earnings, is a realistic and manageable choice.

However, with the freedom of a wandering lifestyle come challenges. ‘Nomads’ can find it hard to ever feel ‘at home’ even as at the flow and, whilst dwelling in places for only some months at a time, it often way acquiring less expensive furniture, which inevitably is discarded. After investigative research, Panter & Tourron realised they had to discover a way to these problems. The sustainability of supplying a portable lengthy-term solution is tough to solve whilst coupled with locating a manner of preserving it suitable and easy to gather at any given location.
The TENSE collection, weighing much less than 20kg in overall, includes a lounge chair, a low table, a room divider, a wall mild and a ceiling pendant lamp. Each piece is held collectively the usage of the pressure of hysteria and most materials used are recycled or fully recyclable highlighting the studio’s efforts in lowering their impact on this planet. “An essential intention is to engage destiny generations to eat better and waste much less. We are shifting toward a shared destiny that prefers experiencing instead of owning.” Tourron comments, “Years of passive and unquestioned consumption from previous generations have endangered our surroundings like never earlier than.”
The table, crafted from aluminium, bends two sheets together with a strap around the center, conserving the portions collectively for stability. The room divider is available in sizes using three-D knitted material over an aluminium body without a need for a fastening gadget.

The front room chair is also a consumer-pleasant, modern layout. Created from two bendy parts, it’s far tensioned collectively the use of a zipper machine. Made from bonded mesh spacer cloth and plywood, the chair offers the consolation of a conventional layout whilst concurrently giving the user a practical solution. The manufacturing procedure for every piece has been given careful consideration. With a view to increasing manufacturing in a sustainable way, the usage of heavy equipment or molding is prevented and the chosen fabrication techniques permit international scaling on a neighborhood stage through connecting virtual artisans and small-scale producers. “Nothing is glued or bonded collectively so each part of every piece may be replaced if broken and every fabric may be recycled one at a time.” says Panterotto, “Listening to the request of more youthful crowds and attractive with them is essential in shaping the future. Products and services that speak the identical language as future clients, designed with diversity, ecology, and integration in thoughts, is a step closer to a more high quality patron society.”
Panter & Tourron aren’t the most effective studio seeking to deliver a revised imaginative and prescient to the portable furniture marketplace. London-based designers PearsonLloyd also are elevating the classy and durability of flat-% layout for Danish furnishings emblem TAKT. Dedicated to reducing the fixtures industry’s effect on earth, TAKT have a easy knock-down precept to every in their designs. This trendy collaboration with PearsonLloyd brings us the Cross Chair: a flat-p.C., stackable dining chair made from strong oak. The chair has a graceful Scandinavian appearance and makes use of wood from forests which can be given time to naturally regenerate and where neighborhood natural world is continued.


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