Glass cooktops are the fashion of preference for every body who prefers electric or induction cooking appliances and while nothing beats them for his or her seamless look and sleek fashion, they can be an actual eyesore for your kitchen while protected with grease, movie, burned-on deposits and food spills.
How will we know? With all the check kitchens in our Good Housekeeping Institute and the consistent waft of levels inside and out of our Kitchen Appliances Lab, we’ve visible, cooked on, and wiped clean our share of glass stovetops. And we’ve examined lots of glass cooktop cleaners in our GH Cleaning Lab. Read on to see how to make your glass stovetop shine in only a few smooth steps.
How to easy your glass cooktop to prevent cussed stains
The trick to maintaining this surface clean and saving your self greater time, strain, and elbow grease is to stay beforehand of the mess and no longer deliver it a hazard to bake on inside the first region. Here’s how to keep your cooktop glowing:
Promptly wipe up spills and splatters as they manifest with a damp sponge or fabric. Even if the surface seems smooth, invisible layers of grease can build up and burn on through the years, making them tougher to do away with.
Use a grease-cutting spray or wipe mainly made for glass tops on a groovy cooktop, like those from GH Seal-holders Weiman and Affresh. These cleaners received’t depart hazy streaks in the back of like everyday all-reason and glass cleaners with ammonia can.
Rinse and buff the glass dry with a gentle fabric or paper towel.

How to clean a dirtier glass stovetop
If it’s been a hectic week and cooktop spills are becoming ahead of you, transfer to a cooktop cream or paste. The gentle abrasives in those formulas will assist loosen stubborn residue that desires a piece of a nudge but isn’t completely welded onto your glass.
Apply cooktop cream or paste with a non-abrasive scrubbing pad working in a round motion.
Rinse the surface thoroughly and buff dry. It’s exquisite vital to absolutely dispose of any cleansing product residue, in any other case it, too, can bake and burn on and even worse, intervene with the performance of your cooktop, in particular induction.
Sprinkle on a bit baking soda or a non-abrasive purifier in a pinch and rub with a moist material to eliminate stuck-on stuff and wipe easy.

How to deep-smooth stubborn, burnt-on stains out of your glass cooktop
If your glass cooktop has visible better days and is already protected with burned-on grime, it’s time to pull out the heavy duty equipment.
Lay a warm, wet towel on the glass to assist melt the residue.
Use a razor blade — or the scraper that comes in a cooktop cleaning package — held at a 45° attitude, cautiously scrape off the blistered bits. Don’t fear, the glass on these cooktops is long lasting and may handle this remedy. Depending on how baked-on the deposits are, you could have to repeat the hot towel/razor blade step numerous times.
Clean the complete pinnacle with your cleanser; then rinse nicely and buff dry.

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