You all ever heard of a guy named Jon McNaughton? If you haven’t, you’re not missing an awful lot. If you’ve got, you understand he is a lunatic who calls himself “America’s Painter” and paints hysterical (within the classical “hysteria” feel), Bosch-like photos of the dystopian, nightmare-measurement America in which he seemingly lives. It’s constantly those weird, apocalyptic, heat-tone snapshots of, like, the previous president treading on the constitution whilst robust guys weep in the back of him and the ghost of George Washington pleads with him to stop. His work is bonkers you guys.
So, why am I bringing this up? Well, America’s Painter dropped today’s painting of the current president and, whew lad, it’s every bit as bizarre and crazy as you may think. Before we get started let’s make one issue crystal clear, this isn’t always a political opinion piece. This is an art critique opinion piece! Got it? Good. Now, permit’s dig in.
Called “MAGA Ride”, this painting portrays the president and first girl using a very patriotic motorbike past a crowd of redhats status in the front of the U.S. Capitol Building. That sentence there would not do they portray, which you could see attached up above, any justice at all. I can’t describe the Lovecraftian insanity of McNaughton’s paintings. You ought to see them to appreciate them. So, take a moment to gaze into the abyss up above and pay near interest to the bike. Good?
Now, McNaughton has a few very, let’s consider, sturdy reviews approximately God and Country. In fact, he loves America a lot that he’s in a state of constant fear approximately its destiny. You can tell simply by way of searching at his work how worried he is and what, exactly, he’s worried about. I won’t belabor that factor, although. What I will belabor is the reality that this painting is by accident hilarious because of one important detail—that’s totally now not an American motorcycle!
Look at it! Look intently at the engine, on the number one cowl, at the transmission, and at the form of the panniers. That is sincerely a Japanese bike. Which one, though? Our man Bryan thinks it is a Yamaha Raider all dressed up for visiting. I suppose it is a Honda Shadow ACE Tourer and both Justin and Kate returned me up on that. Sophia has no opinion either manner, however, she’s quite positive that putting all that Americana on a Japanese bike (one it really is made in Ohio and is as American as Harley, by way of the manner) is each hilarious and ironic. Sabrina had a terrific, lengthy look however began bleeding from the eyes and needed to take the relaxation of the afternoon off.
Now, don’t forget, this portray was made in absolute earnest. McNaughton isn’t always a man who offers in subtext and the truth that the president is on what is definitely a Japanese motorbike isn’t always some humorous ironic commentary on the artist’s component. This isn’t always a funny story, this is the real deal. Why is he on a Japanese motorcycle, although?
All joking and pettiness apart, McNaughton is a completed and professional painter who, I expect, knows approximately such things as studies and using fashions. Why did he put a person who is, in his opinion, the maximum American president and u? S. A .’s simplest wish to return to Godly traditions on something apart from a Harley or an Indian? What, inside the real heck, is going on right here?
“Trump is maneuvering his manner via a corrupt Washington DC, regardless of the constant bumps and detours imposed upon him,” McNaughton stated approximately the painting on Twitter. I, uh, I do not see any bumps or detours on this here portray, Jon. Also, if this ride is so bumpy and perilous and full of detours, why are not the president and primary girl now not carrying any tools? I do not think the Secret Service might be cool with that, my dude.
Seriously, none of this makes the experience. Like, the painting is exceptional from a technical viewpoint but the message is muddled. Why a Japanese motorcycle? Was that a mistake or no longer? If it changed into a mistake, how many want to a professional painter get so near his mark while still lacking it by way of a mile? The mind boggles. The entire aspect from the coloration palette to the composition to the bike to the walleyed crowd of rapt redhats is just so dire. It’s no longer Ramirez or Garrison bad, extra like Thomas Kinkaid terrible, however, it still sucks. I give it a D—it’s technically capable but he seems to have no idea what he’s speak about.

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