Ballard’s Ascent Outdoors shutters abruptly, reportedly headed for bankruptcy

Ascent Outdoors and Ascent Cycles closed down suddenly over the weekend, a quick departure after 23 years of doing business in Seattle.
A short post on My Ballard Monday morning told all that there was to know then: That the store, which started as Second Bounce in 1996, later added a bike shop and went by Second Ascent and then finally split out the bike shop and fell on the current name, had closed, apparently for good.
“We will miss you,” a sign on the front door read. “Ascent Outdoors is no longer open for business. Thank you for your support over the years.”
The company had only just last year expanded to add a shop in Redmond, which also closed.
Details as to why the Ascent closed are still murky, but The Seattle Times managed to dig up enough information to give a hint as to why the store suddenly shuttered.

That firm confirmed to the Times that a bankruptcy filing was soon to come, but said little else.
An employee spoke anonymously to the Times, however, and said they suspected the recently opened Redmond shop was meant to bring in more revenue and help keep the two Ballard stores open.
People who had consignment items in the shop, or had bikes at Ascent cycles, were told to leave a voicemail to arrange pickup. The voicemail message at the bike shop included a brief message after announcing that the shop was closed.
“Thanks, Seattle community, for everything over the years,” the voice on the message said. “We’re gonna miss you.”

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