Eighty-hour paintings weeks universally have one casualty: sleep. Most adults in no way get the seven to nine hours of shuteye they want, and this sleep deficit can translate into health outcomes. Sleep deprivation can place one at risk of weight gain, diabetes, heart ailment, stroke, and memory loss.
But help’s to hand.
A host of startups – in India and abroad – are operating to make progressive sleep-associated merchandise that could promote better sleep. Among them is Shashank Palli, an IIT-Kanpur graduate of the 2011 batch, who believes “sleep is the strength we put money into for the following day” and is attempting to harness it in a lab.
In Bengaluru, Shashank is tough at paintings testing sleep cycles of people who agreed to test together with his pillow – which he claims facilitates one sleeps long and secure. Shashank is the Founder of Bengaluru-primarily based Cuddl, that is the use of design wondering to deliver “simplified and expanded sleep reports”.
In this video interview, he reveals why his startup is focusing on pillows, how the layout units it apart, and what the destiny holds.

Founded in March 2018, Cuddl went into operations simplest six months in the past. Its flagship product is a natural shredded latex pillow with an adjustable loft for proper spinal and neck alignment. The multilayered layout gives an appropriate spinal alignment due to the fact the pillow contains to “individual sleep positions, frame sorts, and mattress density”.
“When become the ultimate time you don’t forget a name of a branded pillow? It is a category dominated with the aid of a polyester manufacturer and most pillows closing you less than a yr because the material collapses. However, there may be an awakening for the reason that human beings want to invest in their sleep. People are making an investment in mattresses that enable appropriate sleep, and pillows are a part of that journey, too,” Shashank says.
A not likely starting
After graduating from IIT, Shashank went on to build a profession in FMCG. He labored in P&G and helped installation a couple of flowers the world over. Soon after, he founded lightsaber in 2013, a 3D printing enterprise for establishments, and also set up a SaaS organization in 2015. While walking this for 2 years, he realized that humans could bitch about a lack of sleep, and often showed as much as work tired.
He started out his very own studies in 2017 and additionally visited a pillow manufacturing unit as part of it. He quickly realized that pillows had been not designed to support sleep, and that maximum producers have been paying very little attention to sleep cycles.

By December 2018, the Cuddl brand turned into born. All Cuddl pillows centered on the middle, the heart of the pillow, and provided a supportive and plush soar. The outer pillow shell offered protection from dust and mites, prevention from sweat and odor, and a protracted lifestyle. The reality that their pillows are constructed for spinal alignment sets them apart, the founder believes.
“Our adjustable pillows placed you in control, now not the other way around,” Shashank says.

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