New Delhi:

The Enforcement Directorate Thursday filed its first direct charge sheet towards debatable Islamic preacher Zakir Naik on costs of laundering crook money to the tune of Rs. 193 crore and allegedly growing unlawful actual estate assets well worth crores in India and abroad, officials said.

The company filed the prosecution grievance beneath the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) earlier than a special courtroom in Mumbai and said Naik’s “inflammatory speeches and lectures have inspired and incited a number of Muslim youths in India to commit illegal activities and terrorist acts.”

“His thoughts created disharmony amongst various faiths and created hatred amongst humans following unique faiths,” it said.

This is the second price sheet in the case via the Enforcement Directorate (ED), however the first against Zakir Naik that specifically underlines his position.

The enterprise claimed its probe found out that “most of the incriminating speeches of Naik have been introduced throughout the ten-day Peace Conference organized with the aid of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) in Mumbai during the length between 2007-2011.” The IRF is owned and promoted by using Naik.

“The stated conference turned into deliberate, organized, funded and promoted by means of the IRF and people of different religions had been openly transformed into Islam through Naik,” it charged.

The Enforcement Directorate stated a total amount of Rs. 193.06 crore has been diagnosed as proceeds of crime.

In the beyond, the organization has connected Naik’s homes, investments made in the mutual budget, Islamic International School in Chennai, 10 residences, 3 godowns, two homes and land in Pune and Mumbai, and 10 bank money owed.

It stated Naik additionally “made investments in Dubai wherein he is developing high-quit bungalows.” The Enforcement Directorate is expected to attach those distant places property in the coming days, a senior legit said.

The organization alleged inside the price sheet that the cash path probe against Naik and his associates observed that “IRF obtained an amount of Rs. Sixty-four.86 crore, among 2003-04 to 2016-17, primarily from dubious or suspicious assets and the majority of the funds have been utilized for establishing Peace meetings.”

“It was throughout Peace conferences that provocative speeches have been made and nonsecular conversion to Islam was also propagated/carried out,” the Enforcement Directorate alleged.

It introduced Naik transferred price range from overseas to India and purchased homes in Pune and Mumbai through “layering of price range” and inside the call of his near loved ones.

“Investigation has additionally found out that Naik turned into also involved in suspicious unaccounted coins transactions,” it stated.

The critical probe organization, until now, has arrested of Naik’s aides Amir Gazdar and Najamuddin Sathak. Naik himself is missing from the probe and at the gift, is stated to be in Malaysia.

Naik turned into booked by way of the Enforcement Directorate in 2016 primarily based on a National Investigation Agency (NIA) FIR that became registered under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).

The NIA in the beyond has said the Islamic preacher “deliberately and maliciously insulted the religious ideas of Hindus, Christians, and non-Wahabi Muslims, in particular, Shias, Sufis, and the Barelwis, with the goal of outraging their nonsecular feelings.”

It had stated Naik’s organization, IRF and Ms. Harmony Media “have been instrumental within the most flow of such incriminating speeches.

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