I currently read a piece of writing referred to as “One Woman’s View of a Career in Construction” by means of Sara Casado, environment, health and safety director at Skanska USA and, drastically, a millennial. Her optimism about the future of women in our enterprise comes at an especially important time.

From skilled hard work shortages to projected retirements, the confluence of many troubles has created greater opportunity than ever for ladies to chart their personal career paths in commercial creation. Still, there are key issues and challenges going through our enterprise, among them, those 5:
1. Perception
The false impression that each one production jobs are “dirty jobs” nonetheless prevails. According to the Q1, 2019 Commercial Construction Index from USG Corporation and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, sixty-one percent of these in the industry maintain this perception.
Of route, traditionally, field positions in construction have been stuffed by using carpenters, masons, plumbers, and electricians wearing tool belts. These jobs supplied routes to more responsibility and promotions as initiatives have become extra complicated and traumatic. Project superintendents had been dominated with the aid of men. But the evolving use of technologies within the area from AI to drones to iPads opens the door to technology-savvy superintendents, both male, and lady. Much has changed inside the beyond two many years.
Changing the belief and selling opportunity is two key roles that countrywide girls’ agencies are gambling today to underscore the price of gender variety and inclusivity. Women Construction Owners and Executives (WCOE) exists to create possibilities for, have an impact on law about and support women-owned creation corporations.
Women in Construction Operations (WiOPS) is dedicated to the success and advancement of ladies within the industry, growing a community for one another with chapters throughout u . S.
The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) celebrates National Women in Construction Week every March to awareness on elevating the consciousness of the effect of ladies in production and the process opportunities available to them.
All of these corporations are growing in size and scope, imparting a lot wanted peer-to-peer networking and visibility to dispel perceptions that handiest guys can build and lead construction organizations.
2. Pay fairness
On common, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, girls inside the U.S. Earn eighty-one.1 percent of what men earn. Yet the gender pay gap within the creation enterprise is much narrower. On average, women earn 95.7 percentage of what guys make, which may additionally come as a marvel to the ones out of doors our industry.
Why are we closer than another industry in attaining nearly a hundred percent equity in pay for males and females?
Some would possibly say that sheer labor shortages in our industry are riding pay parity. Others might say it’s due to the fact millennials do no longer see themselves as being restrained with the aid of something and will go out of their manner to show that they could do all people’s activity – within the area or the company workplace.
Some might point to social media as the great leveler where potential job candidates can evaluate notes approximately process gives and recruitment prospects through getting to know corporations and gleaning insights from their peers on web sites which includes glassdoor.Com or LinkedIn.Com, which gives salary insights based totally on specific facts analytics.
Three. Cultural match
Of all of the troubles concerned in identifying and hiring skills in our industry, assessing persona trends that fit the enterprise way of life can be one of the maximum essential. Internships and apprenticeships deliver prospective process candidates the possibility to apprehend what that person is greatly suited for in our enterprise and where the one’s capabilities and hobbies lie. Internships allow us to reveal the numerous and difficult career options available which in the long run ensures greater worker satisfaction, increase, and retention.
Our lifestyle index assessment at MYCON can provide a ninety-one percent accuracy in matching persona tendencies that suit our culture and high-quality suit the activity. That’s proper information for brand spanking new hires and wonderful information for our team leaders who’re accountable for supporting to chart profession paths which are significant and impactful.
What does this suggest for women? As I’ve grown and as times have changed, I trust that we want to offer more opportunities for all people to prevail. In our enterprise, there ought to be no lifeless ends in phrases of career paths for girls—in the area or home workplace. All to be had paths should be there for the taking as long as the schooling, experience, and personality healthy the task, and meaning the boardroom, too.

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