The following incidents were documented by way of the Fairfield Glade Police Department for the period: April 14-20, 2019
four/14 Overlook Terrace
Theft. A resident mentioned a mailbox cowl stolen valued at $25.
Four/15 Lakeview Drive
Vandalism. A motorist struck a mailbox and failed to record the harm. The motorist changed into noted for the harm.
Four/15 Eagle Lane
Theft. A resident mentioned a non-running TV was taken from the rear in their vehicle.
4/sixteen Lakeside Drive
Arrest. A resident became arrested for Domestic Assault.
4/17 Runnymede Road
Dog Bite. A subject said being bitten by using a neighbor’s canine. The incident became over to Cumberland County Animal Control.
Four/17 Bent Oak Terrace
Scam. A resident said being the sufferer of a scam with the aid of purchasing Google Play playing cards as a form of fee for a service.
4/19 Peavine Road
Vandalism. Cumberland County Bank pronounced harm to the building from a U-Haul truck.

Senior spring cleansing suggestions
Does your kitchen appear like a show advert for devices and counter-top appliances? Do all the excess items lying around your residing space appear like it needs to be in a backyard sale? If you answered “sure” or even a reluctant “no,” then it is time to clean up your property. Spring is the season of renewal, so get stuck up inside the fever and throw out the junk and re-prepare your space!
For senior citizens and their caregivers, those 5 spring cleaning guidelines are for safety first.
• Check the drugs cupboard
Are medicines labeled and stored in their proper bins? Do you have got antique pharmaceuticals jumbled in with the new? These common practices in houses pose potentially dangerous fitness hazards. Whereas some medicinal drugs nonetheless hold their efficiency after expiration dates, many do not and need to be disposed of. Old liquid antibiotics, pills produced from organic substances and those requiring refrigeration should be appropriately discarded. Be sure to shop medicinal drugs in a groovy, dark, dry place; the restroom does not fit that class. A higher place is a hermetic plastic box on a shelf for your closet. You may additionally stop with the aid of the Fairfield Glade Police Department Monday thru Friday from eight a.M. Till 4 p.M. And drop off any unused medicinal drug.
• Clean up clutter
Trips and falls are probably to appear when you collect too much “stuff.” Reduce the chance by using doing away with unnecessary and obstructive items (inclusive of furnishings) from your regular taking walks direction and region them in storage. Make keeping a clean walkway in each room of the house or condominium pinnacle precedence. And both tape carpet edges or throw rugs to the ground or remove them completely. In the kitchen, remove on occasion used home equipment off the counter, organize shelves, create front row spaces for often use objects and clean out the fridge and pantry of stale meals.
• Have an emergency plan in location
In case of an emergency inclusive of a fall, or a kitchen coincidence, do you have vital numbers on speed dial? Know who to name in an emergency and feature your cellphone programmed, for this reason. Look out for others and understand who to go to for assist.
• Never try and move heavy items or furniture on your personal
For seniors with reduced strength or mobility demanding situations, doing household chores may additionally appear to be an enormous mission. Never try and pass fixtures or heavy items to your personal. Don’t stand on a chair or ladder to clean difficult to attain spots or alternate light bulbs. Use cordless cleansing gear and lightweight device which might be simpler to apply. Try the more recent, more green technology gear in the marketplace designed to make cutting-edge household cleaning a breeze.
• Monitor your smoke alarm device, fire extinguisher, and emergency package
Periodically take a look at your smoke alarm gadget and carbon monoxide detectors; run a check to make certain batteries for detectors are functional. Every home ought to have as a minimum of two hand-held hearth extinguishers (one within the kitchen for certain). Check the expiration date and remind your self to monitor the device every once in a while. Emergency kits must be assessed frequently and restocked within the spring and winter. General contents may also consist of: a flashlight and spare batteries, thermometer, Band-Aids, scissors, tape, triple antibiotic ointment, wound care dressings, allergy and digestive medicinal drugs, protein bars, a cutting-edge medicine listing, and names and get in touch with quantity of circle of relatives or buddies to contact in an emergency.

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