Dubai: The Dubai Land Department is considering a suggestion on a no-condominium hike provision for 3 years after the signing of a lease settlement among landlord and tenant.
“The Dispute Resolution Committee is analyzing such a suggestion, but no selection has been taken at the ‘if and when’ to roll it out,” a spokesperson said. “Right now, all condo choices are based totally at the Dubai Rent Index, and it will continue to be so till the three-year no-hike concept is cleared.”
Sharjah presently has a 3-yr reduce-off on new contracts in relation to condo increases.
It isn’t clear whether or not the thought handiest extends to residential homes, or would cowl all way of real property classes, including retail premises. If it turns into all-inclusive, this would have a large bearing for the retail region, whereby outlets have complained vociferously approximately how mall operators set and hike rents, even when market conditions do now not dictate them.
Will it work?
But in the residential area, with rents in decline and anticipated to remain underneath stress for a while, will a three-year no upward push cap paintings?
“The Dubai Rent Index has been operating nicely within the neighborhoods that it covers,” stated John Stevens, Managing Director at Asteco, the assets offerings company. “In truth, it might work even better if the Index became primarily based on building via building rather than a neighborhood, it would paintings even higher.
“Because the Land Department has to get entry to to all condo transactions thru “Ejari”, and it would be easy for it to base the index even on an in keeping with constructing basis.
“But in a rental market a good way to see extra oversupply for the next few years, is there a want for a 3-12 months apartment hike cap? More so, because the Index has shown it is working properly.”
Stevens reckons that at the same time as it is not likely any neighborhood in Dubai will see any form of condo increases this year, even in the Expo length of late 2020 and early 2021, only pick out places inside the emirate are likely to feel an upward pull.
How the lease index works
As according to the Index, a landlord can most effective seek will increase inside cautiously set parameters.
If the modern-day lease is up to 25 according to cent below the common for the same property in the equal neighborhood, the owner can’t boom the rent.
But if the lease is 25-35 in line with cent decrease than the common, he can see a five in keeping with cent growth, and 10 according to cent if the distance is as huge as 36-forty five in step with cent, and so on, as consistent with a 2011 Decree issued by way of Dubai Government.
Strong message
Nasser Malalla Ganem, the senior accomplice at the law firm of AM Associates, is some other who doubts whether a condominium hike cap and a Rent Index can coexist. “They are asymmetric even in the satisfactory of times,” he stated.
“The only motive I see for an alternate to 3 years is because the authorities want to send a robust message to assure residents about future prices.
“Because proper now, apart from having the Index, a landlord cannot growth rents for the primary years. That’s the same old and it’s been operating well. But it’s a reality that the condo market constantly desires tweaking to make sure inflation pressures do not proliferate.”
Could a three-yr cap be the treatment for retailer headache?
Retailers in Dubai have complained long and difficult about rents and the often arbitrary ways they’re hiked. The Dubai Land Department has been operating on a blueprint to revive the brick-and-mortar area, and a revised rent settlement has been one of the recommendations.

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