If you’re having a new domestic constructed, when ought to you’ve got the home inspection? What type of home inspections should be performed? We get asked those questions a lot. There are three kinds of inspections associated with new-creation homes: pre-drywall, very last, and one-12 months assurance. Today I’ll speak all 3.

Pre-drywall inspection
The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) has a Standard Of Practice for engaging in residential pre-drywall inspections, and that is the standard that we at Structure Tech observe.

This trendy says what’s covered, what isn’t, what receives reported on, described, and many others. It’s very comparable in detail to the ASHI SOP for home inspections. However, it covers a one-of-a-kind scope.
I’m guessing that maximum different domestic inspectors who conduct pre-drywall inspections comply with this standard, however, no longer all home inspectors conduct those types of inspections. Not even here at Structure Tech… Along with me.
Per the ASHI Pre-Drywall Inspection SOP, this inspection needs to take place after the following additives have been hooked up:
A. Foundation additives,
B. Floor, wall, and roof structural additives,
C. Plumbing, electric, and difficult-in components,
D. Windows and outside doors.

It is going without pronouncing that this need to manifest earlier than the drywall is mounted, right? These inspections commonly take about 60 – 90 minutes to behavior, and they’re priced consequently.
Final inspection
The very last inspection is honestly a trendy home inspection, but I name it a ‘very last’ inspection in this context to make it clear that it has to be done after the house has been completely constructed. If the builder is walking behind on schedule, the house inspection ought to be re-scheduled. A domestic investigation conducted too quickly within the constructing process will leave the consumer with a massive punch-list of incomplete stuff. Once this is all performed, who assessments it? Do you lease the house inspector to exit again? No, just have the home inspection achieved when the entirety is whole.
The picture underneath indicates a domestic that became nearly finished. The overhead doorways still had to be installed, however pretty much the entirety else become done.

If you needed to pick the simplest one sort of inspection, it ought to be the very last inspection. This is the maximum essential one.
One-year warranty inspection
A one-12 months assurance inspection, aka eleven-month guarantee inspection, is also a popular domestic inspection with a unique name. The difference among a one-year assurance inspection and a final inspection is timing. One-12 months warranty inspections have to be conducted earlier than the builder’s one-year warranty is up. Here in Minnesota, Statute 327A.02 says that domestic customers get a one-12 months assurance on their home that covers “defects because of faulty workmanship and defective substances due to noncompliance with building standards.”
The sizable majority of our one-12 months warranty inspection clients are folks that bought new construction houses without an inspection and later regretted it. They’ve had way greater issues with their new home than they had bargained for, and that they need to recognize what else goes on. Once we conduct this inspection and the builder comes out to repair stuff, plenty of associates pay attention to the extra paintings, ask questions, after which time table us for their home. One inspection can speedily develop into numerous inspections in these new traits.
I blogged about the significance of these kinds of inspections remaining week: New production inspection: agree with, but affirm.
If you have a brand new home constructed, get a pre-drywall inspection and a very last inspection. If you are shopping for a brand new home that has already been constructed, get a domestic inspection. If you have already bought a brand new domestic however you skipped the inspection, schedule a one-12 months warranty inspection before your warranty expires.
For facts approximately what we find all through new construction inspections, please visit our New Construction Inspections web page. This is a brand new page on our internet site, and I’ve brought links to all of my beyond blog posts on new-creation inspections there.

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