New London Cleaners is expected to open a pick out-up and drop-off region in Hanover subsequent Friday morning, according to New London Cleaners owner Jeff Owen. The business’ new region will update Kleen dry cleaners after its closure closing month.

Kleen dry cleaners, which had operated in the Upper Valley since the 19th century, closed its laundromats, drop-off places and its critical centres in downtown Lebanon remaining month after numerous months of pronounced monetary difficulty.

According to Hanover town manager Julia Griffin, Kleen confronted capability closure given that early this winter, however renegotiations with the College, which become loaning out the space, allowed Kleen to remain in business.

“Quite frankly, there had been signs and symptoms already that Kleen becomes struggling; we have been listening to via the grapevine that they had been having economic difficulties,” Griffin stated. “It becomes probably best a rely of time upon earlier than we misplaced them due to their precarious monetary scenario.”

Griffin said that the closure of Kleen affected the complete Upper Valley as Kleen provided a convenient select-up and drop-off vicinity that turned into extensively used by both neighbourhood residents and folks who paintings in downtown Hanover.

“I just had a pile of clothes and nowhere to take them,” said Enfield resident Sue Hagerman, who frequented Kleen dry cleaners previous to its closure.

Upon the declaration that Kleen became going out of enterprise, many Upper Valley residents turned to New London Cleaners, a circle of relatives owned and operated cleaning service.

“Immediately, parents pounced on New London Cleaners to look if they could convince them to provide pick-up and drop-off provider in Hanover,” Griffin stated.

While this stress from distressed citizens driven New London Cleaners to open the Hanover location, the choice changed into on the whole made because of the elevated volume of customers and capacity enterprise opportunity, in step with Owen.

Hagerman stated that she was pleased about the New London Cleaners’ Hanover place.

“It changed into all around the Enfield listserv approximately the shortage of laundry services in town,” Hagerman stated. “There become a flurry of emails when it was introduced that New London Cleaners would open in Hanover.”

Despite Kleen’s closure, Griffin expects that New London Cleaners will no longer face the same difficulties that forced its predecessor out of enterprise. Owen is meticulous approximately how a lot he desires to amplify, and New London Cleaners will now not be presenting institutional laundry offerings for hospitals, police departments and fireplace departments the manner Kleen did earlier than its closure, in step with Griffin.

Although Griffin does not assume New London Cleaners to follow in Kleen’s steps, she referred to that dry cleansing offerings are declining nationwide in the face of the comparative recognition of wash-and-wear fabric and informal garb picks. While Kleen confronted its economic problems on the micro level, Griffin indicates that its closure was related to a large fashion.

“[Kleen’s closure] is a reflection of what’s happening in the apparel and cleaning markets. I assume fewer and fewer people need dry-cleaning services. However, it’s still a provider that many human beings rely on, so we were unhappy while we watched Kleen choose to close down,” Griffin said.

Owen, but, is confident in the marketplace for dry cleansing offerings.

“The apparel attire in this location is always dry-cleaning-based totally,” Owen said. “Hanover, because of the health facility and the College, has lots of dry cleaning customers.”

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