Newly-constructed houses from Persimmon and Bellway Homes may have hearth protection problems which might be dangerous, an investigation has found.
Bellway is carrying out the urgent inspection on homes at an improvement in West Lothian as a result of the revelations.
A record from the BBC’s Watchdog Live programme highlighted houses which had lacking or improperly set up fire obstacles, which are designed to sluggish the unfold of the hearth in a building.
It comes after homes at a Persimmon development in Exeter were destroyed in a fire in April final yr, which spread from residence to residence.

Industry expert Andrew Mellor told the programme: “An evaluation is in case you had been to shop for a brand new car and also you in the long run determined that it didn’t have an airbag in it…
“It’s an imperative protection function within the home.”
Building guidelines require that new houses are built with hearth protection measures to put off the spread of the fireplace and allow crucial time for escape.
In many new builds, specifically wood-framed buildings, fireplace obstacles are an important part of this hearth protection.
The limitations are used to form a whole seal among unique areas of a domestic. Without them, professionals say, fireplace and smoke can spread five to 10 instances faster.
‘Immediate precedence’
Bellway Homes stated they have been wearing out instantaneous tests on one in every one of their developments in West Lothian.
A spokesman stated: “Bellway is aware of the concerns raised by using the BBC of their latest news capabilities and feature organized immediately impartial fire safety inspections of the residences involved.
“We accept as true with this to be localized trouble affecting a very small number of houses.

The difficulty affecting Persimmon Homes homes has to date been recognized most effective within the South West of England. However, the agency has set up a country wide helpline for worried owners.
A spokeswoman stated: “A dedicated team has been established to perform the inspections and to address any remedial paintings, that is normally finished right away and commonly takes much less than an hour.
“We have completed over 2,seven-hundred inspections up to now. The technique of notifying domestic proprietors and arranging inspections is ongoing.
“We have set up a devoted country wide helpline quantity – 0800 915 0980 – which any house owner with a situation can call for greater facts and set up an inspection in their belongings.”
“This must not have came about and we would like to apologize to all affected homeowners and guarantee them that we’re doing the entirety we can to rectify the difficulty rapidly.”
The new series of BBC Watchdog Live airs at 8 pm on Wednesday, 1 May on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.Your new home has dozens of systems and over 10,000 parts – from heating and cooling to ventilation and appliances. When these systems and appliances work together, you experience comfort, energy savings, and durability. Weak links in the system, however, can produce assorted problems leading to a loss in value and shortened component life. Would you buy a used car without a qualified mechanic looking at it? Your home is far more complicated, and to have a thorough inspection that is documented in a report arms you with substantial information on which to make decisions.
Why can’t I do the inspection myself?
Most homebuyers lack the knowledge, skill, and objectivity needed to inspect a home themselves. By using the services of a professional home inspector, they gain a better understanding of the condition of the property; especially whether any items do not “function as intended” or “adversely affect the habitability of the dwelling” or “warrant further investigation” by a specialist. Remember that the home inspector is a generalist and is broadly trained in every home system.

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